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16mm Techland Brown Pc Non - Drain Anti Siphon

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Outlet 1.6 l/h

Wall 1.15mm

Roll Length 100M

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Price From: £37.12
Product Description


    •     Miniature economical PC dripper to maintain uniform flow rate.
    •     Anti - siphone mechanism prevents contaminants from being drawn into the dripper.
    •     Self - compensating and self - continuously cleaning Dripper mechanism.
    •     100% uniformity for long length laterals.
    •     High resistance to mechanical damage, root instrusion and clogging.
    •     UV - resistant Drip Lines
    •     Liquid fertiliser feeds capability significantly improves landscape irrigation performance. 
    •     No drainage of water at the end of irrigation cycles saves time emplying and refilling.
    •     Ideal for high accuracy of pulse irrigation.
    •     Other configurations are available for special requirements.