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PRO-C is modular. Base controller has 4 Stations. Purchase expansion modules to increase up to 16 Stations max. 3 programs, 4 starts per program. Max.Station run time 6 hours. Seasonal (Global) adjustment. Compatible with Solar-Sync. Delay between Stations. Pump/master vale output 0.28amps. 2 year warranty.

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Collection Information

  • SKU
  • HCPCCI12
    PCC PRO-C 12 Station Indoor Control
  • HCPCCO06
    PCC PRO-C 6 Station Outdoor
  • HCPCCO12
    PCC PRO-C 12 Station Outdoor Contol
  • HCPCM3
    PRO-C EXP. Module 3 Station
  • HCPCM9
    PRO-C EXP. Module 9 Station
  • HCPCOB04
    PRO-C O/DOOR 4 Station Base Contr


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