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PRS-40 Pressure-Regulated Body Only

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Pro-Spray body with built-in 40 psi (2.8 bar) pressure regulator to control the flow rate. Designed for MP Rotator. Check valve models, check to 3m elevation. 5 year warranty. Heavy duty spring. Side & bottom inlets on the 6″ & 12″ models. Pressure-activated wiper seal.Grey coloured top denotes PRS-40.

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Collection Information

  • SKU
  • HSPRS40-00
    PRS40 2.8 Bar Shrub Head
  • HSPRS40-04-CV
    PRS40 2.8 Bar 4" Pop Up c/w Check Valve
  • HSPRS40-06-CV
    PRS40 2.8 Bar 6" Pop Up c/w Check Valve
  • HSPRS40-12-CV
    PRS40 2.8 Bar 12" Pop Up c/w Check Valve


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